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HAIWEI INTELLIGENT,a professional punch automation equipment manufactu rer,is a collection of designs,research&development productions and se rvices that are based on ou r business located in Dongguan China The main products are 3 in 1 uncoile r straightener feede r to load coiI material automatically;free—standing uncoilers straighteners,and feeders;2D transfe rs,3D transfe rs,and free—standing transfe rs Besides,va riety of tech solutions,including cut to length line,press blanking line,zigzag ci rcle plate blanking line,meet customers’demands our products have been widely applied in auto,appliances and hardware products industries .

More than 70 percent p roducts are used in auto parts manufactu ring industry We are hono red to have earned preferred—vendor status with many of the leading auto pa rts SUppliers for Volkswagen,Toyota,Hyundai,Geely,Yutong Bus and more G rowing demand fo r high productivity and quality in auto industry u rge HAIWEI INTELLIGENT continue to improve R&D ability and machines pe rformance It is ou r goal to create value fo r customers.

HAIWEI INTELLIGENT has been active in international ma rkets with the pe rmit for import and export We have run lots of successful p rojects in auto parts manufactu rer in The Czech Republic,Italy,Po rtugal,I reland,Spain,Canada,Mexico,South Africa,as well as Asian markets,such as South Korea,Malaysia,Indonesia,and India.

It is OUR principie to supply superior products and excellent services Top—quality international teams provide professional,swift and convenient se rvices HAIWEI INTELLIGENT aims to supply SUperio r products and excellent services to create value for custome rs on the basiS of integ rity,innovation,and win—win cooperation.

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